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for guitar & clarinet/recorder
Needham Series
1983; 11:33 min.


Atlantis owes its name to a choreography by Peg Brightman of Choreo Dance Company, Boston, MA., for which it was written. The piece is through-composed. It consists of seven main sections: A (Adagio), B (Moderato), C (Andante), D (Allegretto), E (Andante), F (Allegro), G (Adagio). Section C is a clarinet (or recorder) solo, while section E is a guitar solo. The closing section, G, is a meditation.

Atlantis was premièred in Little Kresge Theatre, MIT, in 1983. It was subsequently performed at the Polish Academy of Music, Warsaw, Poland (1984), and at Brno Conservatory, Brno, Czechoslovakia (1985).