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Farewell to Los Angeles
Gloucester Series
2011; 11:50


Farewell to Los Angeles is composed of the reading of my poem of the same name and a collage of musics derived from my pieces "Message to the Messiah" [1978], "In Memory" [1988] and "Trilogy" [2001]. Fragments from these pieces were chosen to render the meaning of different parts of the poem so that the poem itself would be transformed into a new sounding form. The alignment of parts of the poem with specific musical sections was therefore a major esthetic decision.

Farewell comprises six parts, including a Prolog and a short Epilogue. Thematically, it is focused on the human condition, in particular on loss and departure as unavoidable ingredients of adult development. The text indirectly addresses the nature of poetry and its link with human life.

In order to follow the poem in its written form, go to Poetry/Collected Poems [1967-1992], p. 95 f.

Farewell to Los Angeles

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