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Message to the Messiah
Needham Series
1978; 10:06 min.


Message to the Messiah originates from a recorded improvisation on the Buchla Synthesizer, my only foray into synthesizer music. The syntax of the composition is that of a meditation: images of nature, particularly of the sea and of birds, occur throughout. These images are sometimes linked to elements of human song. In terms of form, Message takes the form of variations, especially tone color variations.

Message was produced in the Electronic Studio of the University of Illinois, Urbana, USA., during my stay as a teacher there. Performances include: Name Gallery, Chicago, Illinois (1979), the Newton Music School, Newton, MA. (1979), New Music Concerts, Vancouver, Canada (1980), Institute of Sonology, Utrecht, The Netherlands (1981), and Belgian Radio, Third Program, Ghent, Belgium (1981).