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Piece for Organ and Percussion
1999, 17:15

In this piece, I bring together two very different types of instrumental texture. Percussion is used in all movements except movement II, and is used by itself in movement III. The four movements of the piece differ in their syntactic structure, especially with regard to harmony (intervallic structure), but also in terms of meter, density and tempi. The organist has a great deal of freedom in his/her registration of the piece. In the first movement, organ and percussion are in constant contrapuntal interchange, timpani and drums increasingly participating. The second movement is an organ solo with chordal accents, ending on held chords. The third movement, too, has a predominantly contrapuntal texture, enriched by the participation of chimes and metal. Filigree work in the organ is predominant in the fourth movement, often taking place over long-held metallic sound.