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Songs of Abundance
Medford Series
2004; 46:00 min.


Abundance in art can take many forms, and has nothing to do with opulence. In my view, it is an entirely internal, mental and spiritual, process.

In these two Songs — the first more dramatic [19:35], the second more lyrical and meditative [20:25] — I strive to strike a balance between thematic and a-thematic composition, by using two different computational score generators: Project Onen and Cmask. The output of the first generator lends itself to working with thematic sequjences, while that of the second is void of themes. Again, I was working with Project One scores and icon-based Capybara orchestras.

Songs of Abundance is dedicated to Nadine Boughton who taught me to see abundance where I used to see lack and scarcity. The songs are my tribute to her masterful balance of being-in-the-world and keeping mind and heart off this world.