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Structure III no. 1 & 2
Utrecht Series
1972; 5:15 & 8:22 min.


These two pieces are examples of improvisational composition using frequency modulation in which one sine tone modulates another of different frequency and amplitude. Both compositions derive from the recording of a live performance using equipment of the classical electronic studio at the Institute of Sonology, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

At the time these compositions were made frequency modulation was a new method of composition whose versatility derived from the fact that the composer is able to create single pitches as well as pitch bands so dense that they sound like filtered noise, especially when sent through a reverberation device.

In my memory, the recording of these piece was one in which for the first time electronic machinery effortlessly served as an extension of my own body, in that my every move became a determinant of the sounding result.

Both pieces have been frequently performed. They have also been employed as accompaniment for a modern dance solo by choreographer Peg Brightman (Ligature, 1981). Performances include the University of Illinois, Urbana (1977), Joy of Movement Center, Cambridge, MA. (1981), Saal der Girokasse Stuttgart (1981), NEWCOMP, Boston (1981), and the Darmstadt Summer Courses, Darmstadt, Germany (1982).