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Structure VI
Utrecht Series
1974; 19:43 min.


Structure VI is in three unbroken movements. Also referred to as Eruptions, it presents music of contrapuntal dialog and relentless confrontation. Sounds evolve, come to a point of climax and diminish, only to enter a new evolutionary motion.

Structure VI uses a variable voltage-controlled synthesizer proprietary to the Institute of Sonology, The Netherlands (known as the "Utrecht Variable Function Generator"). A repertory of sounds was built up using a series of pitches from Anton Webern's op. 5 for strings. The sounds were subjected to voltage-controlled transformations, both in frequency and amplitude. This phase of composition was followed by interpretive work in which the produced sounds were mixed freely by ear in order to derive more complex timbres and textures.

The piece was premiered at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1975), The Netherlands, and was performed at a NEWCOMP concert in Boston in 1982. It was also aired over several European radio stations.